How it all began …

The beginning of Dynamik Plus was, as is so often, a result of chance and necessity. We are athletes and entrepreneurs, but first and foremost people with a penchant for perfectionism, a good dose of inquisitiveness and a very strong moral compass.
Our ideas originated in the fact that we, as professional athletes and entrepreneurs, very often lived life to the limit, physically as well as mentally. 

Whether physically or mentally, the challenge to be a successful person lies in continuity and wholeness. In business coaching or as sports trainers, we repeatedly faced situations in which, in addition to willpower and focus, regeneration and performance was an issue for ourselves as well as for our clients or students due to a lack of vitamins, minerals or trace elements.
We hardly found anything on the market that fulfilled our expectations and our understanding of outstanding quality. Even if it was only small details, we could not say YES without compromising our values.
So it was obvious: the only way to realise our understanding of perfection was to do it ourselves. After many discussions with alternative health practitioners, sports physicians and nutrition specialists, the decision was made and Dynamik Plus was born.